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Holders of permanent residency or international protection in Ukraine

Legal status

If you have been granted international protection status in Ukraine, or if you have a permanent residency permit in Ukraine and cannot return to your country of origin, you will be granted temporary protection status in Poland. Your stay will be legal for one year starting from 4th of March 2022.

In order to receive the certificate confirming your right to protection, you should contact the Office for Foreigners. The certificate can be obtained at the headquarters of the office in Warsaw or the delegation in Biała Podlaska, or by registering online at the UdSC website: Ochrona czasowa – rejestracja on-line dla cudzoziemców niebędących obywatelami Ukrainy - Ochrona czasowa dla cudzoziemców - Portal Gov.pl (www.gov.pl).

Medical and social support

The Head of the Office for Foreigners is obliged to provide persons covered by temporary protection with assistance in the field of accommodation and meals, as well as social assistance and means necessary for life. In order to learn more about the support contact the office for foreigners.

Right to work

Persons covered by temporary protection have the right to work without a permit. Persons covered by temporary protection also have the right to run a business.


Holders of visas to Ukraine and temporary residency permits

Legal status

If you are a holder of visa to Ukraine or temporary residency permit you will not be granted temporary protection status in Poland. Your stay in Poland will be legal only for 15 days after crossing the border. If you would like to remain in Poland, you will need to:

-          Apply within the 15 days after crossing for the temporary residency permit;

-          Apply for international protection (refugee status, subsidiary protection, etc.)

Medical and social support

You will not be entitled to use universal medical healthcare nor the healthcare provided by the Office for Foreigners. You will also not be entitled to claim social support.

Right to work

In order to perform work, you employer will need to apply for a work permit. It is very important that you receive the copy of this permit prior to starting working.


Assistance provided by IOM to non-Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing Ukraine


If you have questions about your rights and obligations in Poland, access to education, healthcare or anything else, you can contact our Infoline at the number 22 490 44 20. The Infoline operates from Monday to Friday between 9-17. Operator rates apply.

Free legal advice provided by IOM

IOM advisors can help you to understand your legal situation and support you in legalizing your stay in Poland. If you need support call 724 078 537 to book the meeting. The help is free of charge.

Help in providing accommodation

IOM can provide you with free of charge accommodation for 30 days at the territory of Poland. In order to find out more, contact iompolandprykhystok@iom.int.

Help in returning to your country

If you wish to return to your country of origin, but do not have the means to do so, IOM can help. To find out about Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) and Humanitarian Return, and the help IOM can offer, call 22 628 24 13 or visit the dedicated AVR website, avr.iom.pl .