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Circumstances of refusal to grant a national visaPrint

  1. the alien’s personal data is entered in the register of foreigners whose stay on the territory of Poland is undesirable;
  2. s/he does not possess sufficient financial means to cover the costs of the planned stay within the territory of Poland and return to the country of origin or residence or for transit to a third country that will permit entry, and there is not legal possibility of obtaining such funds - what documents confirm possession of financial means ->
  3. lack of health insurance - what documents are considered proof of health insurance? ->
  4. the entry and residence of the alien inPolandmay pose a threat to defense, security and public order or may breach Polish state interests;
  5. the foreigner’s Passport does not meet the following criteria: 
    1. the expiry date is no earlier than 3 months before the expiry date of the visa being applied for;
    2. it does not contain at least two blank pages;
    3. it has not been issued within the last 10 years;
  6. during the proceedings to obtain the national visa, the applicant has submitted falsified documents or documents certifying untruth;
  7. the foreigner has not justified the purpose or conditions of the planned stay.