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Any person living in Poland, including an alien, must obtain a residence address certificate.

This means registering his/her residence address.

The procedure is performed in the district bureau of the city (municipality)office, competent for the alien’s place of residence. The procedure of registration and certification is free of charge and the certificate  is issued immediately.
When renting the residence premises from the owner, the following documents are required:

  • A form available at the district bureau: 

Remarks: There are two versions of the form, one for permanent residence (the form is available here ->), and the other  - for temporary residence (the form is available here ->).

Information needed to complete the form: date and place of birth, marital status, education, citizenship, place of residence, the period for which the alien wants to obtain the residence certification, and data from the passport (or other document confirming identity) and social security number  PESEL (those who do not have it, are automatically assigned a PESEL number at the district bureau during the residence certification procedure). 

  • a copy of a document confirming identity;
  • document forming the basis of a legal stay on the Polish territory (ex. visa, residency card);
  • legal act confirming the rights to reside at the premises for which the residence certificate is to be issued (a decision, rental agreement or deed).

Registration for temporary residence may be made for a period no longer than the length of stay indicated on the visa,  residence permit for a defined period or permit to settle. 

When moving out of the place of registered temporary residence before the end of the period for which the residence certificate was issue, the alien registers this fact by completing and signing the form "Departure report from the temporary residence."