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What is the National Court Register (KRS)?Print

KRS is a centralized database consisting of three separate registers:

  • register of entrepreneurs;
  • register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and public health institutions;
  • register of insolvent debtors.

The task of KRS is to provide information about the legal status of a registered entity (ex. the company), the most important elements of its financial position and its representation. 

Everyone has the right to access the data entered in the register. KRS can be checked here

In order to obtain a copy of the KRS (NCR) for the purpose of submitting an application for a residence permit, the applicant should:

Central National Court Register Information Line: Tel: 022 39 76 515, 022 39 76 517

A copy of KRS is issued immediately.

An alien may also ask his/her current employer to provide the KRS entry copy.