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Minimum amounts of money for residence and return trip

When enteringPoland, foreigner should have, and at the request of the border guards show, the minimum amount of money for residence inPolandand for return trip.

They are different depending on the length of foreigner’s stay in Poland. 

Foreigner entering Polandfor a period not exceeding 3 days should have the means of subsistence to cover accommodation, food, transit and return to the country of origin of at least 300 zł or the equivalent in foreign currencies. 

Foreigner planning to stay in Polandlonger than 3 days should have the amount of 100 zł per day or the equivalent in foreign currencies. 

Foreigner entering Polandin order to take up or continue studies, participate in research or training should have the amount of 1600 zł or the equivalent in foreign currency to cover accommodation and meals for the first 2 months of his/her stay inPoland. 

Evidence of possessing required amounts of money may be: 

  • credit card along with a certificate of a limit on the credit or debit card and certificate of current status of your account or current account history statement;
  • certificate of possession of money in the bank established in Poland, bearing the stamp and signature of authorized officer, issued at least one month prior to crossing the border;
  • original invitation - what is it? ->
  • evidence of scholarship in the case of foreigners enteringPolandin order to undertake or continue studies, to participate in research or training.

Document that confirms the aim of the planned stay in the case of foreigners taking up or continuing studies inPoland, and participating in research or training is a certificate of enrollment, participation in scientific research or training. In the event that this certificate states that foreigner undertakes paid studies, it is required to show a proof of payment for the first year of study or for the entire period of study, if it is shorter than a year. If the fee was not paid yet, you can also show confirmation of availability of funds sufficient to pay this fee. 

Cudzoziemiec wjeżdżający do Polski: 

  • będący uczestnikiem imprezy turystycznej, obozu młodzieżowego, zawodów sportowych;
  • mający opłacone koszty pobytu w Polsce;
  • przyjeżdżający do placówki leczniczo-sanatoryjnej;
  • będący uczestnikiem programu umożliwiającego wykonywanie wakacyjnej pracy na terytorium Polski (niestanowiącej głównego celu pobytu), uregulowanego umową międzynarodową, której Polska jest stroną. 

A foreigner entering Poland: 

  • being a participant in a package tour, the youth camp, sports competitions;
  • having paid costs of stay inPoland;
  • coming to medical facility and sanatorium;
  • being a participant in a program to perform a summer job (which is not the main purpose of the stay), regulated by international agreement of whichPolandis a party

- should have amount of at least 20 zł for each day of intended stay, but not less than 100 zł or the equivalent in foreign currency. 

Documents that confirm the above-mentioned objectives may be: 

  • evidence of participation in a package tour, youth camp or sports events;
  • proof of payment of the costs of stay inPolandcovering at least the costs of accommodation and meals;
  • referral to treatment in a medical facility and sanatorium;
  •  visa to attend a program of cultural exchange or educational or humanitarian assistance program or a summer job program for students, containing the name of the program set out in the "comments".