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Documents needed to enroll a child in kindergarten/schoolPrint

Foreign children are accepted on the same basis and in the same manner as Polish children into kindergarten, and first form of primary and artistic schools.  The main document used is the application for enrollment into kindergarten or school, to be completed on a special form or electronically (in some cities an electronic enrollment system for children for kindergartens or first grade of primary school is established – for detailed information please contact the school or local government education departments, or Municipal or City (City District) Offices – competent for the alien’s place of residence during the stay in Poland). 

The enrollment of older children in primary school, gymnasium or secondary school is based on: 

  • a school certificate or other document confirming the completion of school abroad, or completion of the next stage of education abroad recognized - in accordance with separate provisions - as equal to Polish certificate of completion of the appropriate school or school leaving certificate; 
  • certificate, attestation or other document issued by a school abroad, confirming enrollment of the alien into school abroad and indicating the form, year or stage of education as completed by the foreigner abroad, and a document confirming the number of years of schooling of a given foreigner. 

If, on the basis of the documents presented the number of years of schooling cannot be clearly determined, the parents or guardians of a foreign child or an adult alien student shall in this case submit a written statement on the matter.
If the alien is unable to submit the above documents, he or she will be enrolled into school and accepted to a particular form or for the appropriate semester on the basis of an interview. The interview conducted by the school principal. If the child does not speak Polish, or does not speak it sufficiently for the interview to be conducted, the principal must conduct it in a language the child speaks fluently. The school principal should also ensure - for the purpose of translation  - the presence of a person speaking fluently both the language used by the child and  Polish (unless the director him/herself speaks the foreign language known to the child  well enough so that interpretation is not needed).

In conclusion, the school principal may not require the alien to obtain a certificate of recognition of the school certificate of the child. If the alien does not have a recognized foreign school certificate, the basis for enrollment into a Polish public school is a certificate, attestation or any other document issued by the foreign school and a document certifying the number of years of schooling, and in the absence of such documents - an interview. The school principal may, nonetheless, require the parents to submit a sworn translation of documents issued by foreign schools.

However, if an alien child seeks admission to a school where additional criteria for enrollment apply to the Polish citizens (ex. test of artistic skills, language or sports abilities test, medical report on being able to pursue sports etc.), the foreign child must also meet these same criteria.