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Extension of temporary protection certificates until 4 March 2025


The temporary protection mechanism, introduced by an executive decision of the EU Council in March 2022 for an initial period of one year, has been extended for another year, until 4 March 2025. Accordingly, the validity of the temporary protection certificates issued so far has also been extended.

Temporary protection certificates were issued to third-country nationals (non-Ukrainian citizens) who, at the time of the beginning of the armed conflict, obtained temporary protection in Ukraine or resided in Ukraine on the basis of a permanent residence permit and arrived in Poland fleeing from military actions.

This does not refer to citizens of Ukraine who have been granted temporary protection in Poland on the basis of the Act of 12 March 2022 on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of the country, i.e. who have received PESEL UKR.


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