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Basic information - forms of economic activity in Poland

As a rule, economic activity in Poland may be started on the day of submitting the application for entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity or after entry in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.

Polish law provides for the following forms of economic activity:

- individual business activity (self-employment);

- partnership;

- general partnership;  

- limited partnership;  

- partnership limited by shares;  

- partner company;

- limited liability company;

- joint-stock company.

The most popular forms of running a business include individual business and a limited liability company.

A foreign entrepreneur may conduct in Poland:

- a branch through which they carry out economic activity to the extent that they carry out it in the country of its seat;

- a representative office that allows a foreign entrepreneur to perform activities only with respect to advertising and promotion.

Detailed information on establishing and running individual forms of business activity in Poland is available here.

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