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More information on work permits is available here -> 

Please note that foreign students do not need a work permit if they: 

  • Reside in or enter the Polish territory in order to undertake or continue full-time tertiary education or full-time doctoral studies, and the basis of his/her stay in Poland is a residence card issued for the purpose of taking up or continuing their studies. The foreigner shall also be exempt from holding such a permit when he or she commenced studies in another EU Member State which he or she now intends to continue or complete in Poland.
  • Are full-time students studying in Poland on the basis if a visa – In his case they are entitled to work without a permit only in the following months: July, August and September,
  • Are students, who perform work as part of professional internships to which they have been referred by organisations belonging to international student associations (ex. . International Federation of Medical Students Associations refers foreign students for internships in Poland);
  • Are students, whose work is related to cooperation of public employment services and their foreign partners if the necessity to employ a foreigner has been confirmed by an appropriate employment authority;
  • Are students of higher education institutions, referred for vocational training the duration of which cannot exceed 6 months in a calendar year (organised pursuant to a contract between a foreign higher education institution or a vocational school and an employer registered in a district labour agency competent for the place of residence or registered office of the employer);
  • Are students of higher education institutions or vocational schools in European Union Member States or in the countries of the European Economic Area not belonging to the European Union or in the Swiss Confederation, who work as part of vocational trainings provided for in the study regulations or in the curriculum, provided that they have been referred to such trainings by a higher education institution or a vocational school.