Moving around Poznan


1. Trams and buses

In Poznan, the easiest way to travel is by trams, they are the basis of public transport in Poznan. They arrive punctually, with a high frequency, and they will take you to every district of Poznan, although often with a change. The tram route was even named PST, i.e. Poznan Fast Tram. Night communication is also efficient, usually from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Trams are numbered from 1 to 18, there are 53 bus lines (their numbering starts from 100), 3 night trams, 21 night buses and 61 lines of suburban buses.



a) Electronic form: The best solution is to obtain a PEKA card, i.e. the Poznan Electronic Agglomeration Card. You can use it to pay for a single ride, i.e. for the number of stops travelled, buy a season ticket for a given route or a season ticket for all trams and buses, including the most favourable semester ticket for students. You can find out more about it here, including where and how to get a card and how to top it up.

b) Paper form:  Paper tickets in Poznan are much more expensive than a ticket on a PEKA card.

Ticket type


Normal price

Reduced price 50%

Up to 15 minutes

A + B + C + D

PLN 4.00

PLN 2.00

Up to 45 minutes

A + B + C + D

PLN 6.00

PLN 3.00

Up to 90 minutes

A + B + C + D

PLN 8.00

PLN 4.00



PLN 15.00

PLN 7.50


A + B + C + D

PLN 20.00

PLN 10.00

7-day (168-hour)


PLN 50.00

PLN 25.00

7-day (168-hour)

A + B + C + D

PLN 80.00

PLN 40.00


As you have noticed, paper tickets differ in price due to the time for which you buy a ticket.



> Using both electronic and paper tickets, you can travel through various districts in Poznan, zone "A", and towns near Poznan, i.e., zones A, B, C, D.


> There are the so-called "Stops upon request" - abbreviation "NŻ". If you want to stop the bus at such a stop, you must press the "STOP" button on the bus, located by the door.

> During the pandemic, the vehicle's doors open automatically at every stop, but normally you must press the buttons on the door to enter or exit.


2. Bikes

Poznan has an extensive network of bicycle paths, thanks to which you do not have to stand in traffic jams to get to the university or work. If you do not have your own bike, you can use the Poznan City Bike. Most of city bikes are located at stations located in the most important parts of the city.

 In order to be able to rent a bike, you need to register on or via the Poznan City Bike mobile application and pay the minimum of PLN 20 to your account. Thanks to the mobile application, you can check free bikes in the area, as well as rent a bike using the QR code scanner and approaching the bike with it, and then confirming the rental.

Price list:

  • PLN 20 Initial fee.
  • PLN 0 From 1 to 30 minutes!!!
  • PLN 1 First hour. (31-60 minutes)
  • PLN 2 The second hour started.
  • PLN 4 Every next hour.


More detailed information can be found in the free guide:


3. Scooters

In order to rent one of the two hundred scooters in Poznan, you need to install the free Lime application from the AppStore and Google Play. Thanks to it, you can locate a scooter, check its charge level and the predicted range of it.

You can pay for rides in two ways - by connecting a payment card, from which money will be withdrawn after the end of the ride, or by topping up your Lime account in advance.

In order to use a scooter, you need to locate it on the map in the application, and then in the city space. Then you click on the scan button at the bottom of the app and look for the QR code placed on the steering wheel. If it cannot be scanned, you can enter it manually. The rental costs PLN 2 for starting the ride and PLN 0.5 for each minute.


4. Car

Usually in the morning and afternoon the city is jammed, therefore it is better to use the above-mentioned means of transport in Poznan. What is more, parking fees are extremely high - in the Centre you will pay PLN 7 per hour L.