Treatment in Poland

If you want to use healthcare in Poland for free, you must be insured with the National Health Fund (NFZ).

Social insurance includes: retirement, disability, accident and sickness insurance.
They can be compulsory or voluntary.

Below you will find information on when you are compulsorily insured and when you can be voluntarily insured:

  1. If you are an employee on the basis of an employment contract - you are covered by compulsory insurance: retirement pension, disability pension, sickness and accident insurance. Your employer then pays contributions. The insurances allow for free treatment and, at a later date, for receiving a pension or retirement pension.
  2. If:

- you are covered by compulsory pension, disability, and accident insurance. You are then not covered by sickness insurance and it is then voluntary for you.

  1. If:
  • you receive maternity allowance or any allowance in the amount of maternity allowance, or 
  • you are on parental leave and are not entitled to a retirement pension or disability pension or other entitlements to compulsory social insurance, 
  • you receive a nursing benefit, a special care allowance or a caregiver's allowance,
  • you are a member of a supervisory board and receive remuneration for performing this function

- you are covered by compulsory retirement and disability insurance, but not by sickness and accident insurance.

Important! You can only have voluntary sickness insurance if you are covered by compulsory pension and disability insurance. 

Amounts of social security contributions

The amounts of contributions for retirement, disability, sickness, and accident insurance are expressed as an interest rate and are as follows:

  • for retirement insurance - 19.52% of the calculation basis,
  • for disability insurance - 8.00% of the calculation basis,
  • for sickness insurance - 2.45% of the calculation basis,
  • for accident insurance - the percentage rate of the contribution is differentiated, in accordance with the Act on social insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases and the relevant implementing acts to this act.


More detailed information, including instructions for voluntary insurance, information on patient's rights, e-prescriptions, helpline, and much more can be found on the NHF website:


NOTE! A practical solution is to publish a "Where to go to a doctor - a guidebook” in the "For the Patient" tab.

You can easily search for list of pharmacies, hospitals, clinics with addresses and contact details with the possibility of narrowing down the data to Wielkopolska, Poznan, and even a specific street!


In Poznan, the branch of the National Health Fund is located at  Piekary 14/15.

The Social Insurance Institutions (ZUS) branches in Poznan are located at the following addresses:


> First Branch in Poznan

Dąbrowskiego 12

22 560 16 00

Open ⋅ Closed: 6:00 pm


> Second Branch in Poznan

Starołęcka 31

22 560 16 00


ZUS website:


If you are not insured, you can get private treatment.

For example, for filling a tooth you will pay about PLN 150, for an ultrasound scan between PLN 100 and PLN 150, urine and blood tests about PLN 20, a chest X-ray PLN 60, for a consultation with a specialist you will pay the min. of PLN 100. Unfortunately, surgical treatment is much more expensive, and you will pay from several to several thousand PLN for the treatment of fractures.