Who is an unemployed person?Print

An unemployed person is someone who:

  1. is not employed, and is not performing any other form of paid work;
  2. is ready and able to undertake full-time employment;
  3. has finished their education and is not pursuing any full-time studies (with the exception of adult training schools or evening or part-time tertiary education)
  4. is registered at the district labour office having jurisdiction over the registered residence address - either permanent or temporary - and seeks a job, provided that at the same time he or she:  
    1. is over 18 years of age, but has not reached the retirement age;
    2. is not eligible for a retirement pension or disability/work incapacity pension, any other pension, allowance, or benefits;
    3. is not eligible a retirement pension or disability pension granted by a foreign retirement or disability authority (in the amount of at least the lowest retirement pension or disability/work incapacity pension in force inPoland);
    4. does not own nor is in possession of agricultural land (farm) with the surface area exceeding 2 calculation hectares, nor is covered by a retirement pension and social security plan by virtue of being a spouse or member of a household in possession of a farm with the surface area of agricultural land exceeding 2 calculation hectares, nor gains any income from production as part of special divisions of agricultural production;
    5. is not performing any economic activity as a self-employed person or sole trader;
    6. is not serving a prison sentence.

Status of an unemployed person may also be granted a person who is a volunteer, if he or she presents at the competent district labour office an agreement with the organization or institution that benefits from the volunteer's help. Also a person who is currently taking part in a graduate placement, provided they submit a signed graduate placement contract to the competent labour office, may register at the district labour office.