If a foreigner has the right to family reunification, remains abroad and his case has been considered in Poland and the Voivode issued a positive decision on granting a temporary residence permit, the foreigner should apply for a visa to enter Polish territory (if a visa is required for citizens of the foreigner's country) to be able to implement the temporary residence permit issued for the purpose of family reunification. The foreigner should apply for a visa at the Polish consulate in their country of origin.

Information about documents to be submitted when applying for a Polish visa can be obtained here ->. The list of supplementary documents to be submitted together with the application for a visa may vary depending on the consulate, therefore it is recommended to contact the appropriate consulate directly in order to obtain full information.

A list of Polish consulates is available here->

Upon arrival in Poland, the foreigner should visit the Voivodship Office to pick up the residence card.