Types of marriages in PolandPrint

In Poland, a marriage can be contracted in:

1.         The civil registry office – USC, as a “civil ceremony”
Addresses of civil registry offices (USC) can be found here:  

Attention: For a marriage to be recognized by law in Poland, it must be registered at the USC. The USC (registry office) draws up a marriage certificate confirming the validity of the union.

2.        A place of worship (eg. in a Catholic or Orthodox church)

In Poland, the marriage rite conducted according to the traditions of some religions can be recognized and registered by the civil registry office (USC) without having to enter into a separate civil marriage. This is the so-called concordat marriage. The following churches and religious associations can conduct valid concordat marriages:

1. The Catholic Church, including the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Uniate and Neo-Uniate and Armenian Churches,
2. The Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church,
3. The Lutheran Church,
4. The Reformed Church,
5. The Evangelical Methodist Church in Poland,
6. The Baptist Church,
7. The Seventh Day Adventist Church,
8. The Mariavite Church,
9. The Pentecostal Church,
10. The Polish Catholic Church,
11. The Union of Jewish Communes.

The following churches and religious organizations operating in Poland have no right to carry out concordat marriage rites (which means that although a marriage in these rites is valid for the particular religion, it is not recognized by the USC, and as a result, for the marriage to be considered valid under the provisions of Polish law a separate civil ceremony at the civil registry office is required):

1. The Muslim Religious Union

2. The Karaim Religious Union

3. The Old-Rite Eastern Church