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Legalisation of the stay of foreigners' childrenPrint

The options for legalising the stay of children of foreigners who have the right to reside in Poland depend on the type of residence permit granted to the parents.

If the parent-foreigner resides in Poland on the basis of a permit to stay in Poland for an indefinite period (permanent residence permit, long-term EU resident permit), children of the foreigner are granted a permanent residence permit (permit to settle), provided that:

If the parent-foreigner stays in Poland on the basis of:

Children of foreigners residing in Poland on the basis of a national visa or temporary residence permit may be granted a temporary residence permit if the child was born during the validity period of the visa or the temporary residence permit held by the parent. However, the parent must meet two requirements:

  • have proof of health insurance in Poland,
  • have a regular and stable source of income.

A minor foreigner does not have to comply with any of the requirements of prior residence in Poland. An application for such a permit may be submitted on behalf of the child by the parents even when the child's stay in Poland is undocumented.

A child's five-year stay in Poland on the basis of family reunification procedures is the basis for applying for a temporary residence permit to continue the stay once the child comes of age (18 years old).