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Human trafficking victims who co-operate with law enforcement and end all contacts with the perpetrators may work in Poland without a work permit – what is a work permit?

Individuals using the reflection period (who are staying in Poland pursuant to a certificate) do not have the right to work. However, human trafficking victims who have started co-operation with law enforcement organs are entitled to work. Human trafficking victims may apply for welfare benefits. The following groups are entitled to receive support under the welfare system: foreigners identified as human trafficking victims in Poland, who are staying on the territory of Poland pursuant to a certificate confirming the presumption that they are victims of human trafficking or to a temporary residence permit for victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking victims are also entitled to claim compensation (compensation and damages). Compensation proceedings are adjudicated by a district court and are initiated upon the motion of the victim or other authorised party (in some cases this includes the prosecutor). The right to claim compensation does not depend on the detection, accusation or conviction of the perpetrator of the crime.