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Rights of the unemployed persons

District labour offices provide those interested with the information on the available vacancies. The labour office also offers professional assistance in job seeking and occupational counselling, and organizes workshops and training on active job search.

Important! An unemployed person may stay abroad, outside the Polish territory, for the period of 10 days or be not ready to take up employment due to other circumstances provided they inform the competent labour office of such situation.

In certain circumstances, an unemployed person may:

  • may be delegated to perform intervention works, public works, social works or participate in a work placement or internship;
  • obtain one-off business start-up support;
  • obtain the supplementary employment activization cash allowance (what is the employment activisation supplementary allowance?->)
  • obtain financing for a training or reimbursement of the cost of postgraduate studies;
  • obtain reimbursement of the costs of travel, accommodation and board when participating in training organised outside the person's area of residence;
  • obtain reimbursement of the costs of childcare of a child up to seven years of age if the unemployed is a single parent;
  • benefit from free health insurance under the National Health Fund (NFZ)->. Labour offices pay the required health insurance premiums for the registered unemployed.
    An unemployed person can also register the family members for insurance coverage, namely:
    - a child (own, spouse's child, adopted child, grandchild) until the child reaches 18 years of age (or 26 is the child continues his or her education until that age)
    - a spouse.

Important! In order to cover additional person under the unemployed person's health insurance, the labour office should be supplied with the following information: name and surname, social security number PESEL (if any), address and relationship with the unemployed (if the child has a different surname, a birth certificate is to be presented).

In addition, the unemployed under 30 years of age may be granted a training voucher, internship or placement voucher, employment voucher or an accommodation voucher in connection with the start of gainful employment or own business activity outside the place of current residence.

Unemployment benefits

An unemployed person is eligible for benefits for every calendar day since the day of registration in the competent district labour office, provided that during the preceding 18 months he or she has been, for the total period of at least 365 days:

  • employed or performed work under an employment contract and received a salary that was equal at least to the minimum national wage;
  • providing services on the basis on an agency contract, a mandate contract or other civil law contract, or paying social insurance contributions by virtue of non-agricultural economic activity performed, carrying out work during the period of pre-trial detention or imprisonment, provided that the base wage obtained was equal to at least the national minimum wage;
  • employed abroad and arrived in Polandas a repatriate;
  • in other circumstances.

The period of entitlement to the unemployment benefit is 180 days, and may be prolonged to 1 year for persons:

  • residing in a district where the unemployment rate on 30 June of the year preceding the date of entitlement to the benefit exceeded 150% of the rate of unemployment in the country;
  • over 50 years of age that have at least a 20-year qualifying period;
  • are single parents with at least one child under the age of 15 or persons with a dependent child under the age of 15 (when the spouse is unemployed, but without the right to unemployment benefits).

Over the period of the first 90 days, the gross amount of the unemployment benefits is:

  1. 664,90 PLN (80% of the base benefit rate, when the qualifying period for the benefit is shorter than 5 years);
  2. 831,10 PLN (100% of the base benefit rate, when the qualifying period for the benefit exceeds 5 years but is shorter than 20 years);
  3. 997,40 PLN (120% of the base benefit rate, when the qualifying period for the benefit exceeds 20 years).

In the subsequent months, the amount of benefits is reduced to, respectively:  

  1. 522,10 PLN gross (when the qualifying period for the benefit is shorter than 5 years);
  2. 652,60 PLN gross (when the qualifying period for the benefit exceeds 5 years but is shorter than 20 years);
  3. 783,20 PLN gross (when the qualifying period for the benefit exceeds 20 years).

Obligations of the unemployed

A person registered as unemployed is obliged to visit the appropriate district labour office on indicated days and accept the support offered (available job offers, internships, training opportunities).

The unemployed person is required to inform the district labour office about his or her loss of the unemployment person status or loss of the right to the benefits (taking up employment, paid work, start of own business activity) within 7 days. Also within a 7 day period, he or she must inform the office of any changes to the data contained on the registration (What data is provided to the office with a registration card? ->). An unemployed person whose residence registration is temporary must present the competent district labour office with a current confirmation of the residence address registration, and notify the office of a change in the address and report to the district labour office competent for the new place of residence in order to register there within 14 days of changing the registered address.

Furthermore, an unemployed person must, before undertaking employment, undergo medical and/or psychological examinations. In the event of illness, the unemployed person must notify the labour office about receiving the sickness benefit or rehabilitation benefit, as well as about being incapable of working due to illness or duty of care for a sick family member.