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Registering residence at the rented premisesPrint

In Poland there is a registration requirement, which is binding for both Polish citizens and foreigners. For a foreigner this requirement means that they have to register in Poland at the latest by the end of the fourth day from the moment of crossing the Polish border, unless their planned stay in Poland does not exceed 14 days.

During the procedure of application for legalisation of a foreigner's stay in Poland (e.g. application for a residence card) it is required to present confirmation of fulfilment of the registration obligation.

Only foreigners staying in Poland pursuant to documents authorising them to stay in Poland (e.g. a valid visa or residence card) may register.

Temporary registration

In order to be able to register in a rented flat in Poland, the foreigner has to have a lease agreement concluded with the owner of the flat.

The foreigner should appear at the competent municipal/communal office for their place of residence with the lease agreement, a valid passport and a visa or residence card. At the communal/municipal office they will be asked to fill in a form in Polish for "registering temporary residence for a period exceeding 3 months". The form for registering temporary residence for a period exceeding 3 months is available here->

Registration of temporary residence for a period of up to 3 months is done orally at the competent office.

Confirmation of registration is issued free of charge upon acceptance of the registration form. The foreigner receives a document confirming the registration of residence (valid until the expiry of the registered residence period).

Note!: If the foreigner does not have a PESEL number in Poland then the communal/municipal office will grant them such a number provided that they register their residence in Poland for a period exceeding 3 months (what is the PESEL number ->)

Note!: In some communal/municipal offices, apart from a signed agreement the consent of the flat owner to register a foreigner in their flat is also required, or the presence of the flat owner in the communal/municipal office during the registration of the foreigner's residence is required. 

Registration of permanent residence

Foreigners who have a permanent residence permit (what is a permanent residence permit?->) or a long-term EU resident permit (what is a long-term EU resident permit?->) may register their permanent residence in Poland.

The required application forms and documents for visual inspection for the application for permanent residence registration are:

Note!: Persons submitting applications with use of the form "Registration of permanent residence" are obliged to present a confirmation of their stay in the premises with the legible signature of the flat owner and the date of signing.