Registered residencePrint

A foreigner has the right to register temporary or permanent residence in his own flat.

In order to register residence in his own flat, he should appear at the Municipal Office and submit a set of the following documents:

  1. notarial deed of the purchase of the flat or excerpt from the land and mortgage register;
  2. residence card issued in connection with granting the foreigner permanent residence permit (what is a permanent residence permit ->?) or long-term EU resident permit (what is the long-term EU resident permit->?)
  3. declaration of temporary residence for a period exceeding 3 months or declaration of permanent residence.

Registration of temporary residence for a period of up to 3 months is made orally at the competent office.

The form for registering temporary residence for a period exceeding 3 months is available here ->

The form for registration of permanent residence is available here->

Note! Foreigners who do not have a permanent residence permit in Poland cannot register permanent residence in their own flat. Only holders of a permanent residence permit may register their permanent residence.