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Recognition of the child by the fatherPrint

In a situation where a child's parents are not married, recognition (acknowledgment) of paternity by the father is required. Paternity of a minor and of an unborn child already conceived can be acknowledged. Then, if the father is a citizen of the Republic of Poland, the child will also have Polish citizenship.

Following the annulment of marriage or a divorce, a child born during the first 300 days after the annulment or divorce is recognized by law as the child of the previously married couple. In the birth certificate, the father is listed as the man previously married to the child's mother. If the child is fathered by another man, this must be proven in court. After obtaining a judgment on denial of paternity by the initially presumed father (ex-husband of the mother), the biological father may make a declaration of recognition of paternity in relation to the child before the Director of the USC, a Polish consul, or a court. Only then can the surname of the child be changed.

Acknowledgment (recognition) of paternity may occur before a child’s birth, during registration of a child's birth or after the birth certificate is drawn up. In order for recognition of paternity to be effective, a statement of recognition of paternity of the child is made by the father to the Director of the Registry Office, and the child's mother confirms that he is the father of the child. A statement of recognition of paternity may be made to any director of a USC, to a court (Family and Minors Division) or to a consul of the Republic of Poland. After the Director of the Registry Office accepts the statement on the recognition of paternity, the father’s personal data is included in the child's birth certificate.

The required documents for establishing paternity are:

  • identity cards / passports of parents,
  • if the mother is single - an abridged copy of her birth certificate,
  • if the mother is divorced - an abridged copy of the marriage certificate with an entry noting the divorce,
  • if the mother is a widow - an abridged copy of the husband's death certificate,
  • a medical certificate confirming pregnancy (in the case of recognition of paternity of a child conceived but unborn).
  • a complete copy of the child's birth certificate (if the certificate has been already drawn up)

If acknowledgment of the paternity of a child with at least one parent who is a Polish citizen is made abroad, this procedure may be completed at a Polish consulate.

The procedure for recognition of paternity is exempt from stamp duty.