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Real estate brokers or agencies may be helpful when selecting a flat. Their services include assistance in selecting the real property and in dealing with formal matters. Real estate brokers provide services in return for a fee. It usually amounts to 1.5-3.0% of the total transaction amount.

When selecting a broker one should be extremely careful. Until the end of 2013 each real estate broker had to have a National Real Estate Broker's Licence. Currently, obtaining a National Real Estate Broker's Licence issued by PFRN (Polish Real Estate Market Federation ->) is voluntary. However, it is recommended to use the services of licensed brokers who provide reliable assistance. PFRN maintains a register of licensed real estate brokers, which is available free of charge on the PFRN website -> The register contains the personal data of a given broker, licence number, information about education, completed courses and obtained authorisations.

Apart from numerous professional real estate agencies there are unfortunately also dishonest brokers operating on the Polish market. One should remember not to make any payments before inspecting the premises, checking its legal status and contacting the owner or authorised representative in person. No paid registration or any paid activation of customer accounts should be made. Dishonest brokers sometimes demand payment only for enabling access to a database of available locations. One should also be careful in the case of very attractive, low prices.   

Note: The real estate broker should collect the fee for their services only after signing the lease or sales agreement for the premises.

It is also possible to buy a flat directly from the owner. Offers to sell/lease a flat or house directly are available on the Internet, in newspapers and bulletin boards.