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Periodic charges and maintenance feesPrint

Service charges may be estimated in two ways:

  • proportional to the surface of the flat – the amount will be the same as that paid by the previous owner, e.g. building management costs, repair and renovation reserve,
  • charged pursuant to the number of residents, e.g. cost of waste disposal, costs of lift usage, hot and cold water (if there are no meters in the premises and the charges are in the form of a lump sum fee).

Ownership of real property is connected with the requirement to pay periodic fees, which include:

  1. monthly fee for the premises (rent), which typically includes the fee for management of the building and surroundings, advance payments for the usage of hot and cold water, sewage, electricity and waste disposal. The amount of rent depends on the surface area of the flat and the number of residents and it usually amounts to several hundred Polish zloty per month.
  2. fees charged for the use of water, electricity, gas and heating – paid pursuant to periodic settlement,
  3. additional payments, e.g. security, repair and renovation reserve, additional utilities, Internet, etc.,
  4. real property tax -> paid by natural persons on the following dates: by 15 March, 15 May, 15 September and 15 November of a fiscal year. The maximum tax rate changes annually. In 2014 it amounts to PLN 0.74 per square meter of usable area of the flat. This tax is often included in monthly rent and paid to the commune by building management.
  5. annual payments due to perpetual usufruct if the land on which the building is located is subject to perpetual usufruct. In the case of flats, advance payments for the annual payment are collected monthly with rent, and the building manager makes the payment by the 31st of March of each year to the bank account of the relevant commune.