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I hold a visa issued on the basis of a Pole's Card. I want to register a company in Poland. How can I do it?

Holders of a Pole's Card and a visa issued on its basis have the right to take up and pursue commercial activity on these same terms as Polish citizens. An entrepreneur may undertake commercial activity on the date of submission of an application for registration in the Central Registration and Information on Business, or after entry into the National Court Register (KRS) system. Entrepreneurs who are natural persons are subject to registration. Entrepreneurs have the right to indicate a date of commencement of business activity later than the date of the application's submission in their application for entry in the Central Tegistration and Information on Business. An entrepreneur entered into the register of entrepreneurs or subject to other registration requirements is obliged to place its tax identification number (NIP) in all written statements and documentation concerning the company's business activity addressed to certain persons and entities, and to use this number in all legal matters as well as in trading. Identification of individual entrepreneurs in official records is based on the tax identification number (NIP).

Can a citizen of Ukraine holding a category D national visa for work register a sole tradership (one-person company) in Poland? What documents are needed?

No, it is not possible.  This type of visa entitles a foreigner only to perform work in Poland.