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Loss of the unemployed statusPrint

A person may lose the unemployed status and the associated benefits when they:

  • cease to meet the requirements set out in the definition of an unemployed person -> 
  • do not consent to an assessment and identification of a support profile appropriate for them (What are the legally defined support profiles?->);
  • obtain a grant or loan or other financing to start up business activity, agricultural activity or to finance a contribution in a social cooperative;
  • refuse, without a justified reason, to accept an appropriate job offer or other measures of support or to undergo medical or psychological examination;
  • fail to appear at the labour office for an obligatory appointment at a set date and do not justify the absence within 7 days of its occurrence;
  • submitted an request for their unemployed status to be revoked;
  • interrupted or did not accept the form of assistance offered (internship, training or employment) or did not sit the qualifying examination or other tests planned by their own fault;
  • remain unable to work due to illness or being in a substance abuse treatment facility for a continuous period of 90 days;
  • fail to submit the relevant certificate of being incapable to work due to illness on the appropriate social security form ZLA (the template of this form is available here ->).

Important! The unemployed person is required to inform the district labour office about his or her loss of the unemployment person status or loss of the right to the benefits within 7 days.

Attention! For persons receiving unemployment benefits, the loss of the unemployed status is associated with loss of the right to benefits, and the cessation of payment of such benefits.