Legalisation of the stay of a Polish citizen's childrenPrint

A child with at least one parent of Polish citizenship obtains Polish citizenship by law at the moment of birth.

However, the parents may select a different citizenship for their child and renounce the child's Polish citizenship - the President of the Republic of Poland must consent in each case to the renouncing of Polish citizenship. In such circumstances, the child of a Polish citizen does require a permit for the stay on Polish territory. In such case, the child may: 

  • obtain a temporary residence permit on the basis of family bonds, or
  • is entitled to obtain a permit to settle - if the child remains under the parental authority of a Polish parent.

A minor foreigner does not have to meet any requirements as to the length of their previous stay in Poland.

A permit application is submitted on behalf of the child by the parents, even if the child resides on Polish territory without legal grounds.