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The land and mortgage register contains information about real property and rights established thereupon. Access to land and mortgage registers is open, universal and free of charge. The database of land and mortgage registers is available on the website of the Ministry of Justice -> In order to search the database, the number of the land and mortgage register entry must be given. The online database contains nearly 90% of land and mortgage registers.

Land and mortgage registers are maintained by district courts. The search engine of district courts is available here-> Obtaining an excerpt from the land and mortgage register from a district court requires a payment in the amount of PLN 6 per page of the document.

The land and mortgage register consists of 4 sections:

  • Section I – designation of the real property and entries related to rights connected with the real property.
  • Section II – entries related to ownership and perpetual usufruct,
  • Section III  - entries related to limited property rights excluding mortgage,
                    - entries on limitations on the disposal of real property or perpetual usufruct,
                    - entries on other rights and claims (with the exclusion of mortgage-related claims).
  • Section IV – entries related to mortgages.