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residence in Poland is considered to be continuous when no break in it was longer than 6 months, and the combined duration of the breaks duration did not exceed a cumulative total of 10 months, unless the break was caused by: 

  • performance of professional duties or the performance of work outside Poland under a contract with an employer whose headquarters is located in Poland;
  • accompanying the foreigner’s spouse performing professional duties or performing work in conditions referred to in the paragraph above;
  • medical treatment of the foreigner.

Only half of the period of the stay of a foreigner in the territory is counted towards the 5-year stay requirement when the foreigner’s stay in Poland was on the basis of:

  • a visa granted in connection with pursuing studies or professional training in Poland;
  • a residence permit for a fixed period, granted in connection with the fact that the foreigner has taken up or continues full-time higher studies, full-time doctoral studies, vocational training.