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Minimum amounts of money for residence and return trip

When entering Poland, a foreigner should have, and at the request of the Border Guard Service should demonstrate possession of, the minimum amount of money for residence in Poland and for the return trip.

These amounts are different depending on the length of the foreigner’s stay in Poland. 

If foreigner's stay in Poland lasts less than 4 days, he should have at least 300 PLN. A foreigner planning to stay in Poland longer than 4 days should have the amount of 75 PLN per day or the equivalent in foreign currencies . 

A foreigner entering  Poland in order to undertake or continue studies, to conduct scientific research or training should have the amount of 543 PLN for each month of the stay for a period of 15 months (in case of scientific research – for a period of 12 months) or for the entire duration of intended residence in Poland, if the stay is intended for less than 15 (12) months. If the foreigner stays with family in Poland, he should have at least 457 PLN for him and for each dependent.

Documents that confirm the possibility of obtaining the required funds are:

  • Traveler's cheque
  • A credit card toghether with a bank statement confirming the card limit;
  • Statement confirming possession of funds in the foreigner’s bank account issued by a bank with its seat in Poland;
  • Original of the invitation;
  • Proof of employment and earnings.

A document that confirms the aim of the planned stay in the case of foreigners taking up or continuing studies in Poland, and participating in research or training is a certificate of enrollment, participation in scientific research or training. In the event that this certificate states that the foreigner is undertaking paid studies, it is required to show proof of payment for the first year of study or for the entire period of study, if it is shorter than a year. If the fee has not been paid yet, you can also show confirmation of availability of funds sufficient to pay this fee.