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How and where to register as an unemployed person?Print

Registration of unemployed persons and job seekers takes place at the district labour offices. The full list of such offices can be found here ->

All unemployed persons register as an unemployed in the district labour office competent for their registered permanent or temporary residence address. When the unemployed person has no such registered address, he or she registers at the district labor office having jurisdiction over their domicile address. The district head is obliged to notify the Border Guard or the voivode (province governor) competent for the foreigner's place of residence about the registration of an alien who holds a temporary residence permit and a work permit at the labour office.

A person who has no registered address or has a registered permanent residence address in a district other than his or her actual place of residence, declares at the time of registration at the labour office that he or she has not been registered in the district labor office competent for the registered address as an unemployed person.

Registration and granting of the unemployed status occurs on the day of submission of a full set of documents to the appropriate district labour office, and upon confirmation by the unemployed person of veracity of the information and statements contained in the registration card with a handwritten signature. (What scope of data is provided to the labour office with the registration card? ->)

Documents required for first registration as an unemployed person

  1. identity card or another document confirming identity (such as a foreign passport or a residence card);
  2. foreigner's residence card->  together with current confirmation of the alien's registered address and the voivode's decision on granting the residence permit;
  3. original certificate of completion of the most recent education or declaration from the school/university on completion of studies without yet formally being granted the degree/defending it;
  4. originals of all work certificates and statements on the periods during which other paid work was performed (for example on the basis of mandate contracts or other contract work);  
  5. for persons performing economic activity as self-employed, and in the event of lack of information in CEIDG - Central Register and Information on Economic Activity -> 
    1. decision on removal from the register of all registered business activity;
    2. application for entry into the CEIDG - Central Register and Information on Economic Activity if the activity has not yet been undertaken;
    3. application for suspension of the activity performed, if the period of suspension has not yet expired;
  6. if there are any contra-indications for an alien to perform specific work - the documentation stating this fact; people with disabilities submit a certificate of disability;
  7. original diplomas, or certificates of completion of courses or trainings, and qualifications obtained (such as a foreign or Polish driving license).

Depending on the situation of the unemployed person, as established in the course of the registration process, other documents may be required if deemed necessary to determine the status and decide on the granting of benefits.

A list of all documents required for registration is also available on the websites of the district labour offices. Contact details for the labour offices are available here ->

Documents required for any subsequent registration as an unemployed person

In order to complete any subsequent registration, the previously transmitted data must be updated. If there was no change in the personal data provided, an alien is only required to present an identity document with the current certificate of residence address registration or removal from the address registry.

Attention! A person who had registered and lost the status as an unemployed  because of undergoing training or internship organized by a body or institution other than the labour office, should submit a statement on the duration of the training or internship during the next registration.