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How and where to register as a job seeker?Print

Registration of job seekers takes place at the district labour offices. The full list of such offices can be found here ->

Registration and granting of the job seeker status occurs on the day of submission of a full set of documents to the appropriate district labour office, and upon confirmation of veracity of the information and statements contained in the registration card with a handwritten signature.

Documents required to register as a job seeker:

  1. identity card or another document confirming identity (such as a foreign passport or a residence card);
  2. foreigner's residence card-> together with current confirmation of the alien's registered address and the voivode's decision on granting the residence permit;
  3. documents confirming the qualifications obtained, original diplomas or certificates of completion of courses or trainings;
  4. documents confirming the employment history;
  5. documents stating any contra-indications for an alien to perform specific work, including a certificate of disability if such has been issued.