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A foreigner was granted a Polish visa on the basis of a work permit. Should the employer register the child for health insurance?

Generally, if a child has a visa, he will be covered by private health insurance, the purchase of which is mandatory when applying for a visa in the country of residence (the minimum value of insurance coverage is 30,000 euro). This insurance must be valid for the entire period of the child's stay in Poland. It is therefore recommended that you purchase insurance from a reputable company that will indeed cover the costs of medical services if such need arises.

If a parent undertakes legal work (provided they hold a visa with work permit, perform the work at the workplace specified in the above documents for the specified position, have signed a contract and were registered by the employer with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) within 7 days of commencing work), it should be remembered that each insured person is required to report family members residing in Poland to the insurer if they do not have health insurance under a different title (for example, if they do not work). Thus, in this case the child may also be registered with the Social Insurance Institution (responsible for social security and collecting health insurance premiums). Registration for insurance consists in providing the employer with the personal data of family members using a special form.

I am staying in Poland on the basis of a visa, I have Ukrainian health insurance. Will I have to pay for my treatment or does my insurance cover the cost of treatment in Poland?

To find out about the procedure for covering the cost of treatment in Poland, please contact the Ukrainian insurer directly. In general, if a foreigner is insured in another country, the costs of treatment are refunded in the country of origin. This means that a foreigner in Poland has to pay for treatment himself, and after returning to his country, he has to apply to the insurance agency for reimbursement of the costs of treatment. In this case it is important to keep documents confirming treatment in Poland, such as bills, invoices for a medical check-up or medical consultation, medical history.

How to insure a foreigner in Poland who is staying in Poland legally on the basis of a visa, but does not work and has no insurance?

In case a foreigner does not work in Poland and has no health insurance, he can be insured along with a member of his closest family who is employed in Poland. The application for insurance consists in providing personal data of members of the closest family to one’s employer. The employer should subsequently pass the data of the foreigner’s family member to the Social Security Institution (ZUS)

If a foreigner has no members of the closest family insured in Poland, he may voluntarily insure himself through the National Health Fund (NFZ). A foreigner may also purchase private health insurance in Poland. More information on health insurance is available here.

I have a Pole's Card. Can I receive social security benefits in Poland? How can I take out health insurance in Poland?

The Pole's Card does not entitle the holder to social security benefits in Poland.

If you do not work or study in Poland and you are not insured through the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) on grounds of work or studies, then in order to be insured in Poland you have to take out a private health insurance policy at a private company or voluntarily register for insurance at the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

In order to register for insurance at ZUS voluntarily, it is required to apply to the National Health Fund (NFZ) at the NFZ office appropriate for your place of residence. The form is available at the office and on the website of the National Health Fund (NFZ) offices. Address information for NFZ offices are available here->

Information about the cost of health insurance premiums can be obtained at the local office of the National Health Fund(NFZ).