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A foreigner arriving to Poland for a period of more than 3 days should have the means to cover costs of accommodation, food, transit and return to the country of origin  in the amount of at least 100 PLN for each day of the planned stay or its equivalent in foreign currencies.

A foreigner entering Poland in order to take up or continue studies or to participate in scientific research must have funds to cover the costs of accommodation and meals in Poland of at least 543 PLN for each month for a period of 15 months (in case of scientific research for a period of 12 months) or for the entire period of stay in Poland if it is shorter than 15(12) months, if they administer their own budget, or at least 457 PLN each month per family member if the foreigner resides in Poland with hisfamily.

Note: Instead of the required amount in Polish currency a foreigner may indicate its equivalent in a foreign currency

In addition, a foreigner must have a return ticket to the country of origin or financial means to purchase such a ticket in the amount of:

  • 200 PLN if the foreigner came from a country neighbouring with Poland;
  • 500 PLN if the foreigner came from an EU Member State not neighbouring with Poland;
  • 2,500 PLN if the foreigner came from a country outside the EU and not neighbouring with Poland.

Documents confirming the possibility of obtaining the required funds can be, for example:

  • traveller’s cheque;
  • certificate of a credit card limit provided by the bank which issued the credit card;
  • certificate of funds in a bank with its registered seat in Poland;
  • an original invitation;
  • for students – a certificate of a domestic or foreign scholarship award;
  • certificate of employment and earnings.