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A Polish citizen may hold Polish citizenship and the citizenship of another country at the same time. If an individual holds dual citizenship - Polish and that of another country - the individual has the same rights and obligations in respect to the Republic of Poland as a person who has only Polish citizenship. This means that a Polish citizen cannot rely with legal effect on the citizenship of another country and on the rights and obligations resulting thereof in dealings with Polish authorities.

A person applying for recognition, granting or restoration of Polish citizenship does not have to renounce his current nationality.

Prior to submitting an application for recognition as a Polish citizen, the applicant should learn how his country of origin regulates the issue of dual citizenship. Some states do not recognize dual citizenship and at the moement when a person acquires the citizenship of another country he can automatically lose his previous citizenship. Therefore, it is crucial to check information about the regulation of dual citizenship in both countries – in Poland and in the migrant's country of origin.