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District labour offices PUPPrint

District labor offices maintain a register of all the unemployed and job seekers living or residing in the district. The full list of district labour offices inPolandis available here ->

Labour offices offer job brokerage and placement services as well as:

  • training, adult vocational training, internships and scholarships;
  • funding of creation of new jobs;
  • cash benefits (such as unemployment benefits).

Who can register as an unemployed person or a job seeker?

In order to register at the employment office as an unemployed person, foreigners must meet the criteria of unemployment (these criteria can be found below), have the intent to carry out or already perform work inPoland, and:

Aliens meeting the above conditions can also register at the labour office as job seekers; such registration is possible also for foreigners who:

  • hold a temporary residence permit inPolandissued for the purpose of taking up full-time studies;
  • hold a temporary residence permit inPolandissued for the purpose of family reunification;
  • are holders of a temporary residence permit inPolandissued to victims of human trafficking;
  • have a temporary residence permit issued on the basis of "other circumstances";
  • hold a temporary residence permit as family members of a Polish citizen, citizen of another EU or EFTA member state, seeking employment or other paid work;
  • are applying for being granted the refugee status and hold a work permit issued by the Head of the Office for Foreigners.

More information of work and employment inPolandis available here ->