Child’s surnamePrint

A child born to a married couple bears the surname indicated in the marriage certificate, pursuant to the declarations made by the parents.

If the spouses did not make a declaration as to the child’s surname, the child will bear a surname consisting of the mother’s surname with the father’s surname added to it.  

If the case relates to a child born outside of wedlock and there is no recognition (acknowledgment) of paternity for the child during the preparation of the birth certificate, the mother’s surname at the time of the child’s birth is entered as the child's surname. If the biological father of the child recognizes (acknowledges) paternity, the child bears the name indicated by both parents in a statement made by them. This may be the surname of the father or the mother, or a surname consisting of the surnames of both parents. The child’s surname may not contain more than two parts (segments).

The procedure of recognition of paternity of a child is described above.