Child’s citizenshipPrint

A child of parents of whom at least one is a Polish citizen acquires Polish citizenship by birth. However, the parents are entitled to choose for the child the citizenship of a foreign state of which one of the parents is a citizen, if the child may acquire citizenship according to the law of that state.

For the formal acquisition of Polish citizenship by a child, the parents should submit a statement on the choice of citizenship for the child to the Voivodship Office (Department of Citizen Affairs and Foreigners) competent for their place of residence. If the marriage was not registered at the USC, the child must be formally acknowledged (recognized) by the father. If the father is a Polish citizen, the child may then also have Polish citizenship. Such a declaration must be filed within three months of the date of birth of the child. Stamp duty for submission of the statement is 9 PLN. The statement must be submitted in person by both parents.

If the child was born abroad, the statement must be made before the Polish consul competent for the parents’ place of residence abroad. Stamp duty for the submission of a declaration before a consul of the Republic of Poland is 9 PLN.