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In the case of a marriage, the couple must also decide about the names that they will use after the wedding, as well as about the names of their children. In Poland, a woman can take her husband's surname, keep her maiden surname or have two surnames (the maiden one joined with the husband’s surname). Also, a man may take his wife's surname, keep his surname or have two names (one of them the wife’s). A foreigner contracting a marriage submits a relevant statement on surnames under the law of his or her country of origin. The declaration may be made directly after the marriage ceremony or before the drawing up by the Director of the Civil Registry Office of the certificate of no impediment to marriage. In case of failure to submit a declaration on surnames, each spouse retains their current surname.

Attention: A name change makes it necessary to exchange all personal documents, such as identity card, driving license, passport, proof of vehicle registration.

If you decide to change your name after the marriage ceremony, you may use the new surname when the USC has prepared the marriage certificate.

If the couple choses a surname they will use, and then after some time one spouse wants to change his surname, he may do so by submitting a duly motivated request to the USC competent for their place of residence. This procedure is applicable in the case of Polish citizens and foreigners without citizenship of any country, as well as refugees with the above status.

If parents get married following the birth of their child, the mother’s surname is written on the birth certificate. If paternity is established by recognition (acknowledgement) of  the child by the father, the child will bear the surname indicated in statements made by both parents, filed simultaneously with the declarations necessary to establish paternity. The parents may indicate one of their surnames, or a surname formed by combining the surnames of the mother and the father. If the parents have not made identical statements about the child's surname, the child will bear a surname consisting of the mother’s surname with the father’s surname added at the end of it. To change the name of a child who is already thirteen years old at the time of recognition (acknowledgement) by the father  , the child’s consent is needed. If paternity has not been established, the child uses his mother’s surname. More about the procedure of recognition of a child by the father can be found here ->