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The programme of assistance in voluntary return and reintegration is directed to migrants who wish to return to their home country and are not able to arrange their own return journey.

What types of assistance in voluntary return are offered?

The assistance provided by IOM to foreigners under the Programme covers: 

  • organizing and financing the return journey and assistance with resettlement (reintegration) of the person concerned (further details are available below);
  • advice allowing the person concerned to take an informed, voluntary decision to return;
  • assistance in obtaining travel documents and arranging other necessary formalities associated with the return, if necessary;
  • accommodation and meals for homeless or destitute individuals in the period before they leave Poland. 

Who may benefit from assistance in voluntary return?

The Programme is directed to the following groups of people: 

  • foreigners whose stay in Poland is irregular.
  • persons who have received a negative decision after applying for refugee status or have decided to withdraw their application,
  • victims of human trafficking (what is human trafficking? ->). 

The program is tailored to also meet the needs of migrants with health problems, the sick or disabled, pregnant women, single parents with young children and the elderly.


What is reintegration assistance?

An important part of the Programme is reintegration assistance, provided for people returning to their home countries. The reintegration assistance offered by the IOM comes in various forms, adjusted as far as possible to meet the needs and expectations of its beneficiaries in a given case. It aims to facilitate resettlement after return, and to ensure that the most urgent needs are met. 

Reintegration assistance may be used, among other things, for: 

  • the purchase of basic necessities (food, medicine, clothing, household items) and, for example, for:
  • starting or operating a business,
  • education, including vocational training,
  • medical care,
  • subsidized employment.

The above list is not exhaustive; the form and nature of reintegration assistance is tailored to the individual needs of each person returning to the country of origin.

What to do to receive assistance in voluntary return?

People interested in obtaining assistance for voluntary return can receive more information by phone or email, or by applying in person to the IOM office from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.

Information is provided in Polish, Russian and English. In cases where the person wishing to return does not speak at any of these languages, the IOM provides the assistance of an interpreter. 

Information for contacting the IOM: 

IOM International Organisation for Migration
Address: Mariensztat 8
Warsaw 00-302
tel. 22 538 91 86, 22 538 91 62
fax. 22 538 91 85
mob. 606 248 414
An online application for voluntary return is available here: