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If you are a migrant, you live or plan to live in Poland and are interested in the subject of combating sexual violence, especially harassment at work or on the street, this is an offer for you.

We’d like to meet women who want to learn how to combat sexual violence, find out what gender stereotypes are, get familiar with personal boundaries, do assertiveness training, and learn about the psychological and legal aspects of violence.

Our project is financed by EU Daphne Programme and is called „Draw the line / Wyznacz Granicę” Its main purpose is to raise awareness about sexual violence, especially sexual harassment. Recipients are migrants and refugees who are exposed to sexual violence and harassment in public spaces, such as the workplace, the university, the store or the bus, for reasons of gender or origin.

The project is being implemented in partnership with five European Union countries – Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria. We think there is a need to strengthen women arriving in the countries in which we live, support them and show that they are here on equal terms with all citizens.

We invite you to participate in 3 trainings which will be free of expense. Each training lasts about 6 hours (translation included). After the three training sessions, the participants will conduct a final workshop for which they will receive remuneration and certificate. As trained leaders they will share knowledge in their communities: they will invite women from their environment or speak in the same language, train them under the supervision and support of our trainer, with respect and understanding of cultural differences.

Planned date of first workshop session: 3rd February, 17th February and 3rd March 2018.

Attention! Dates may be changed!

To sign up for training or to ask for details, please contact the project coordinator Natalia Skoczylas via e-mail: natalias@feminoteka.pl

Recruitment ends on 31st December.

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