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International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the Interactive Media Center (Media IC) prepares social campaign "#JestemMigrantem".

The campaign aims to promote a positive image of migrants living in Poland.

We want to show the positive stories of migrants in the form of short dynamic movies. We want to show what they do in Poland and how their lives look like. We also want these films to become an inspiration for others to share their story.

The campaign will consist of three stages.

Phase I / October 2015
IOM and the Media IC will carry out a series of movies that will be published on the Internet and distributed via social networks.

Phase II / November 2015
We will ask migrants to film themselves and their short stories, by mobile phone or digital camera, and sent them to us, so that we can publish them and share them with the entire Poland.
During the campaign we will also organize an event during which people who want to share their story, but they cannot make a film for some reasons, can come and be recorded by a professional team of IC Media.

Stage III / December 2015
The finale of the campaign will display of the selected films during the “Złote Wachlarze” Gala Awards, which will take place on 18 December 2015 in Warsaw.

We invite you to participate in the campaign!

We believe that in times of rising anti-migrants sentiments, these films will serve as a great help to promote a positive image of migrants in Poland!

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