Short-distance public transportation

As the capital,Warsaw enjoys a comprehensive public transportation system consisting of an underground, busses and trams. Most other large cities (e.g. Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań) have equally good transportation, with the exception of an underground. Even the smallest towns operate bus transportation of some sort. 

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It is worth keeping in mind that students below 26 years of age are entitled to a 50% discount, based on a valid student ID. 

If you are planning to use public transportation in Warsaw frequently, you may purchase your tickets in the form of an electronic card. The card can be obtained and charged at designated ZTM (Warsaw Public Transportation) sale points. Your first card is free. However, if you lose it, you will be charged 14.00 PLN for a replacement. 

If you travel around Warsaw with a single-use (paper) ticket, remember to validate it as soon as you enter the bus or tram. Plastic cards need to be validated only once. Transportation of luggage (including bicycles) and animals is included in the price of your ticket. 

Keep in mind that:

  • Ticket validating in Warsaw is based on the honour system. However, inspections are common. If you are caught without a validated ticket, with the wrong ticket or without a document demonstrating your entitlement to a discounted fare, you may incur a fine up to 180 PLN. Controllers go undercover. Once they enter the vehicle, they turn the validating machines off. If fined, you may pay it on the spot, at a ZTM office or via bank transfer. In order to defer the payment you will need to show the controller your ID. If you do not pay your fine by the deadline, ZTM may sue you in court.
  • You may not smoke at bus stops. If caught smoking you may be fined up to 500 PLN.


The minimum taxi charge in Warsaw is 8 PLN. All authorized taxis are equipped with a meter. The fares are displayed clearly on the outside of the taxi's back doors. Fares may vary with the time of the day, being most expensive after midnight. You are entitled to a receipt for every taxi journey you make. 

Keep in mind that:

  • in order to avoid complications you should only contract authorized taxis belonging to a specified taxi company
  • taxi fares in areas frequented by tourists (e.g. airports, railway stations) may be inflated.

Rail transportation

Rail costs in Poland vary depending on the route, the type of train you take and discounts applicable. InterCity (IC) and Express (EX) trains are the fastest, but also the most expensive. Accelerated and TLK trains are cheaper. Regular – regional – trains are the cheapest. 

Learn about train promotions here ->). Generally, students below 26 years of age are entitled to a 50% discount. Foreigners holding a Pole's Card are entitled to a 37% discount. 

Approximate ticket fares in PLN: 

Warszawa - Kraków - 60 - 125
Warszawa – Gdańsk - 120 - 170
Warszawa – Wrocław – 120 - 170
Warszawa – Poznań – 120 - 160
Kraków - Gdańsk – 70 -140 

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You may buy your railway tickets at railway stations or on line ->

Long-distance bus transportation

PKS is a public intercity bus company with offices in all Polish cities. Bus timetables may be consulted at bus stations as well as online. When you use the online booking tool and you need to go to, for example, Białystok, you should type “Białystok” in the search window. You may buy the tickets either at the station or directly from the driver. 

Apart from PKS, there are a number of privately-operated bus companies offering both domestic (short and long-distance) and international connections. Their prices vary, so it is worth comparing a few before buying a ticket. 

Among private long-distance operators there are: PolskiBus, Agat, Eurolines, Intercars, Sindbad

Air transportation

Warsaw Chopin Airport is Poland’s largest. You may fly from here to some 50 cities and 30 countries around the world. Gdańsk, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław and Kraków also offer international connections.

You may consult the website of Poland's international airports here:

Low-cost airlines

A number of low-cost airlines operate from Polish airports:

As long as you have a credit or bank card, you may save on travel agency fees by purchasing your tickets online. Here are some of the websites you may want to consult: