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A resident of Poland may receive public medical assistance or opt for private medical care and pay fees for healthcare services provided. 

If a person wants to enjoy free public health care services, insurance with the National Health Fund (NFZ) - what is the National Health Fund? -> is necessary. A holder of NFZ insurance may also use the services of private medical facilities, but such a facility must have a signed contract with the National Health Fund. 

All those employed in Poland, including foreigners, are obliged to possess health insurance. This means that every month a contribution is paid on their behalf (usually done by their employer) to the NFZ. Immediate family members of the insured person may also benefit from free medical assistance after proper registration with the NFZ, if they are not insured under a different title. 

If a person (including a foreigner) is not insured in the NFZ, he can also benefit from health care services upon payment of a fee. If such a person has an insurance policy taken out in a private company, that insurance company covers the costs of healthcare. In many private medical facilities you can purchase a subscription, or pay a monthly facility-specific fee, which covers a package of specific medical services. Prices vary depending on the institution and the services covered. Detailed information can be obtained directly from the individual private insurance companies.

Foreigners residing in Poland on the basis of a visa can not, in principle, benefit from free  public healthcare services in Poland.

Citizens of Albania, Tunisia, Russia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia have the right to access certain health care services financed from public funds on the basis of agreements signed by these states with Poland. Said agreements apply only to certain services, or only specific groups of foreigners. To learn more, check with your embassy or consulate - their contact details can be found here -> 

Russian citizens temporarily residing in Poland are entitled to free health care in case of emergencies and accidents, until the patient's condition allows for transport to Russia.