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In Poland discrimination in the workplace is prohibited, both in terms of recruitment, termination of employment, conditions of employment (e.g. wages), promotions, access to vocational training to increase skills. Employers may not treat anyone in a less favourable manner because of sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, sexual orientation, or based on employment for a definite or indefinite period, as well as full or part-time work. The catalogue of reasons on whose basis discrimination is unacceptable indicated in the Labour Code is an open list. 

Discrimination on grounds of sex is also behaviors of a sexual nature or connected to sex of the employee that violate their dignity, evoke a sense of humiliation or are degrading. They refer to unwanted actions, to which the victim did not consent, and to which they express their opposition. Such actions are for example touching of the employee, or making degrading comments about them. 

Discrimination can also be experienced indirectly. This occurs when a seemingly neutral provision, criterion or action leads to differences in the treatment of certain groups of employees on the grounds race, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or political belief. One example would be setting requirements for promotion which are impossible to meet. 

Employees also have the right to equal pay for equal work or work of equal value. 

Note!: Migrants working legally in Poland have the same rights at work as Polish workers! They therefore have the right to days off, a fixed duration of work time (generally 8 hours per day, an average of 40 hours per week) and for the employer to ensure safe and hygienic workplace conditions (more information about working conditions can be found here ->) . 

Employees who have experienced discrimination are entitled to financial compensation in an amount not less than the minimum wage in force in Poland on the basis of separate regulations - more information can be found here- >.

Discrimination can also manifest itself in behavior such as threats, insults or beatings. These are crimes and a person who has been victimized should turn to the police - how to deal with crisis situations? >.