Cell phone

You may pay for cell phone communication either on contract or pay-as-you-go.

The contract is a good option if you plan to use your cell phone frequently. Pay-as-you-go is for those who are residing in Poland on a temporary basis (e.g. tourist visa) or plan to use the phone sparingly.

Cell phone contracts will bind you for at least 12 months. They must be paid every month. In order to sign a contract you will need to stop at a cell phone shop, where you will be asked to show your passport, student ID, residence card, work permit, valid credit card or a phone bill. 

You may find out more about cell phone deals comparing the following websites: 


Orange Polska



You may reduce your cell phone bill cost if you and the people you communicate with use the same operator. 


Internet fees in Poland tend to vary between 50 and 100 PLN a month. You may check Internet charges here ->. In order to set up internet at home you will need to sign a contract, usually for at least 12 months. Often internet and cable TV deals are lumped together. 

Increasingly more cities in Poland feature „hot spots”, i.e. places where you can access free wireless internet as long as you have an appropriate device with you (laptop, cell phone, tablet etc.). 

If you do not have an internet-ready device and do not plan to the use internet frequently, you may still go on-line by visiting cyber-cafes. Internet costs in such cafes tend to oscillate around 3 PLN an hour.